02 May 2015
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The Great Story of Mother Earth’s rescue from the clutches of the few who chose to abuse their powers bestowed from View, onto them, an understanding, from the Pasts of Unknown. Through their wrongs, they in-prisoned Her, poisoned Her and now corrupted the very children she was sworn to feed, house and protect.

From Her, New Ages of Hope were to be continually born, each evolutionary period a moment towards life away from home. Her greatest happiness, a love, teared in joy, was to ultimately see her children leave for Space and search out new frontiers.

Now, everything, all those steps through time, each point, a Wrong taken over Right, triumphs so small, their tiny breaths taken from clean sight. Each life lost, a painting among red blasted pain, gone. In these final days, our hearts lay beating, choked down from above, smoke fanned to blind, mirrors set to confuse, this now becomes our fight: we break down the Design.

Our last Hope comes from deep within humanities greatest weakness: ignorance. Intertwined, hidden from the Ego, its power awaits to be unleashed, not through violence but the soft Unseen, forged from Love’s ever forgiving persistence. Every era taunts unique Beings to come forth and understand their life’s design. As our Mother lays beaten, crying, rotting over the Body of her Divine, it’s our hearts, her children, the few, who will stand together as one and finally turn the tide.

The Awakening has begun, the material seeded, now comes One from among, his origin, the Source, his Canvas, your words, his goal, the world. This is One man’s story who accepted his destiny and now looks to empower himself and the rest of the world through his Gifted Traits.

A natural phenomenon is an observable event that is not man-made. By the very definition, he is a walking, living, breathing Phenomenon that the Ninety do not understand yet. Not only is he of the Ten, but there are many more like him and a growing few that are far more powerful, yet society does not yet understand them either. Together, they are a group of individual’s that have the ability to help the rest of the world transcend to a new State of Existence, one where everyone is empowered globally from the people, by the people and of the people.

One spark begins alone, a journey, as all great one’s do when the odd’s are staked, let alone hundreds among many, each flying in the face of controlled popular opinion, never mind evolutionary existence. Many of his Kind have come before, each, their respective parts played out in time long lost. Never are the tasks put before them simple, always they stretch far beyond normal means, controlling their thoughts and visions, assembling the pieces placed before, in mind, creating a new World of Structured Form.

The Form’s Creation’s vary depending on the mediums drawn before; the unique Pictures of Change each create, always meant to inspire life to exist outside the bounds of normality in which all are trapped. The paths through Creation can be frightening, confusing and even scary to some but never doubt Their power to influence new understanding and acceptance among the Old of Control. Their Power, in all it’s magnificent glory can be seen throughout all time: They are the Architects.


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