04 Apr 2016
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Recently, a very large humanitarian competition came across my eyes: The Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Inspired by individual’s like Adam Grant and his book ‘Originals’, I decided to enter with my humanitarian vision and architecture. I AM one of the Original’s this reality disparately needs right now. I encourage everyone to stand up and become an Original and then together, we will be able to change this world at light speeds. If you don’t know how to become an Original, then send me an e-mail, there is much that needs to be done. All of us need to learn to follow before we can lead, everyone has a place in making our reality beautiful again!

HEROES Of Reality

Have you applied to The Fuller Challenge before?: No

Where did you first hear about the 2016 Fuller Challenge?: BFI's Twitter

If you selected 'Other' in the question above, please describe where you heard about the 2016 Fuller Challenge::

Question 1: What is your Solution or Strategy?:

The world's energy is stuck in a circle of destructive fire. This level of insanity has now reached a critical tipping point, humanity needs a new organized evolution of lateral minded individuals to come forward and think beyond anything ever accomplished before. Under their guidance, a new reality awaits everyone.

Question 2: Context:

"Every moment in business happens only once. The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won't make a search engine. And the next Mark Zuckerberg won't create a social network. If you are copying these guys, you aren't learning from them." - Peter Thiel

If you truly want to change the world, fix the problems and spur humanities neurological development to a whole new state of understanding, then you must change the rules, you must go beyond anything thought possible before and create a whole new playground to develop within; you cannot expect to solve any problem from the same level of consciousness that created it and want different results. We live in a goldilocks time, a moment where all points of knowledge, society conditions, mental illness/disorders, humanities core systems like beliefs, poverty, education and economics are perfect for creating a new Big Bang Moment in human history. Backed by a consilience of knowledge found throughout all dogmatic institutions, it is possible to create a Black Hole Event to bridge an Arch between this old destructive reality to a new vibrant one, full of new exploration and equality for all.

Question 3: What?:

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” – Buckminster Fuller

Since George Bush declared ‘The age of brain’ in the mid-nineties, the unique wiring of ‘disordered’ brains like ADHD, The Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Bipolar and so on, exhibit and demonstrate power beyond the neurotypical understanding. What is completely being missed about these these new ‘super computers’ that have been introduced into humanities systems through epigenetic’s is that they need to be properly structured within a new pyramid of power so that their gifts can be harnessed for the benefit of all, not the select greedy few. We cannot continue allowing corporations to abuse these ‘gifted’ abilities for their own private goals, humanity needs their unique processing now more then ever before.

As Michio Kaku talk’s about, using the Kardeshev Scale to explain where we stand on the cosmos level of things: “humanity is at that stage, between a type 0 and a type 1 civilization. This is the most dangerous time for any civilization’s existence, it will make or break a them. We are at about a 0.7 and already we are experiencing catastrophic melt downs.”. The whole of humanity is trapped within a system that is spreading disordered states of thought from every angle, we must reboot mankind’s brain with the truth of our reality and together, under a unified vision of hope; fear can be quelled, ego’s tamed and finally, where no one is left behind, we will evolve from a Type 0 Civilization to a Type 1 and be allowed to take our place among the stars, starting a new chapter within humanities existence.

Question 4: Where?:

I am physically based out of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We have 4 world renowned universities and three core colleges here, all within two hours of each other. Our technology innovation hub has been ground breaking, with an endless supply of top rated talent to draw upon. Toronto, Ontario, resides roughly an hour away and provides yet another world creating innovation hub of talent and businesses. From here, give my Open Source, laterally minded architecture, the rest of my team is spread throughout the world, giving me access to an unlimited pool of energy. Now, anything is possible, just believe.

Question 5: How?:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” - Einstein

Humanity, at its core, is nothing more then a large system of distributed components all acting independently within a ‘mother system’ of control. These systems can be rewritten, it’s all a matter of unique understanding and different programming techniques accomplished through a variety of means that embrace areas like neurology, biogenetic’s, media, software, AI and gaming. Just like the housing and market collapse of 2008 where “The firms themselves did not understand the machine they created” (Michael Burry), those running the world’s overall ‘systems of control’ have lost their ability to control and understand humanity’s systems of beliefs. Poverty, war, disorders, the unbalanced and more, are only such because the governing ‘system of beliefs' that we live in have become so tainted that it now fights to keep down anyone or thing that looks to disrupt its current ‘existence’. A brother in kind, John Forbes Nash Jr., understanding his mind, will help you understand how I am coming at this from a top down approach, something my gift of ADHD easily allows to happen. Architecture is about defining the ‘intent’ of any given vision, development is about defining the ‘implementations’ that will bring that vision and overall ‘products’ to life. Together, under a new system of design, the possible outcomes for change are endless. We must step outside our current level of thinking to fix the problems everyone else is so entrapped within.

Question 6: History and Vision:

HEROES Entertainment Inc. is about tapping into the quantum level brain power of all the peoples on this planet and evolving the world into a new state of ‘one mind’. Now validated by the quantum world, the ancients are rising up, their words of the past are coming alive again to empower individuals with a new voice, one that can rewrite humanities programming for the better. There are thousands of individuals and organizations already in play, helping where they can, but they need a Life Architect, a conductor, one who can see over the whole ocean of life, to build a catalyst that will spark a world revolution. Together, we are going to build gameful layers of intrinsic motivation through ways never thought possible before; games that will not only awaken the masses to the world around them but also lead them towards one ever all encompassing singularity: The Arch Of Consciousness. Powered by Love, through it lies humanities Type 1 Civilization: a new reality of existence, a chance for life to flourish once again.

Question 7: How is your strategy unique?:

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete - BUCKY FULLER

As an Architect, we have the ability to create worlds and even universes when the need and time arises. I am creating a whole new reality with a vibrant, thriving ecosystem that will harness the power and energy of all individuals for the greater good of mankind. My vision rises above all others and my unique mind allows me to create what has never been tried before. There are many organizations like ‘The Venus Project’ and ‘The Earth Intelligence Network’ who have done in-depth, detailed implementation work on how to make a better, fair and just world for all humanity, but what they lack is a Universal Architectural Vision that will rise them up above all the corruption and lies the current system buries them within. These are just two of the thousands of organizations and individuals that I have organized into a new model; a model in both business and software that will be built upon using Open Source Methodologies and other techniques alike. Together, we will rewrite humanities core systems of beliefs.

Question 8: Impact:

“My ideas have undergone a process of emergence by emergency. When they are needed badly enough, they are accepted.” - Fuller

His words are dripping with allegory, trying to explain the complex to people who could never understand until the whole was complete. The world and it’s people will be directly impacted by this revolutionary systems design. Everything implemented under this architecture follows 7 simple intentions: Love, Beauty, Kindness, Creativity, Expansiveness, Unlimited Abundance and Receptivity. Simplicity conquer’s complexity. Done.

“A ship based analogy might be appropriate here: Let’s say there is a bunch of people on a ship and there’s a bunch of holes in it and that we are quite good at baling the water out of our section and we’ve invented this nice bucket, It would be foolish of us not to share that bucket design because if the ship goes down, we are going with it” - Elon Musk

I’ve gotten off the ship that he and many others are trying to hold together. Now I’m going to build a new one, from the top down, free of holes, powered by the people and then we’ll go rescue him and any others that want to jump aboard.

Question 9: Budget:

“I look for what needs to be done. After all, that's how the universe designs itself.” - Buckminster Fuller

To date, I have funded everything myself. Embracing the Open Source Revolution, I understand what is needed and how it can be done in a very cost effect manner. What we are building here transcends all boundaries, you have never received something like this before: a vision that redefines our reality. It is everything that Buckminster’s mind was capable of in his day (along with many other visionaries/futurists found throughout time). Now we resurrect that level of thinking and this time lead all of humanity towards a new world. Through the art of gaming (Live/Online), applications, vision and a new overall systems approach, the over arching reality can be targeted at individuals who cannot turn away once they realize what is being done: Elon Musk, Yuri Milner, Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, Google Ventures, Nick Hanauer, Manoj Bhargava, Sir Ken Robinson, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Joy, Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, James Gate, Nick Bostrom, NASA and many more, are all connected in this greater architecture and each will come to fund it once the foundations have been set.

Question 10: Who?:

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” - Isaac Newton

As a Life Architect, an artist painting their master piece, we begin alone. As funds are gifted to me, the organizations and people I have selected will be brought in, these are just a few: The team at ‘The Venus Project’, over 60 years of architectural and foundational knowledge. Robert David Steele, ex-CIA, ex- military, serving 25 years as a clandestine officer. Now he serves humanity. The Compassionate Crew, four brilliant ladies, bring over 30 years of experience to a broken education system. Their work is revolutionary and will unlock a new level of understanding behind those we desperately need in our fight for humanity, those with unique minds, those with ’learning and mental’ disabilities. Psyleron, born 30 years ago from the minds of researchers at Princeton University, bring quantum level technology to the Arch Of Consciousness. The Big History Project, World Possible, both are redefining the educational learning process and designing new technology that will reach billions without internet.

Exit Question 1: Connection to Buckminster Fuller:

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” - Buckminster Fuller

When I was called, I was afraid. Slavery, inequality, poverty, disease, hunger, homelessness, mental illness, basic human rights, a failed education system, the economic collapse’s (the next one is not far behind, again) and the ever endless realms of war, death, cruelty and these are just to name a few things humanity just can’t seem to solve. How can such a thing be possible to eradicate, on the whole, within a new ‘vision of everything’? Something has to be envisioned, so strong, that the current system has no chance to fight it. When I began to learn about Buckminster Fuller, his character, his want for a better future, his mind and how he thought, I was no longer afraid. Empowered by him and many others, I stand tall. Mr.Fuller understood, but the tools he needed to rewrite humanities core systems of beliefs weren’t there yet, he was stuck in a time armed only with Maslow’s Hammer. The time he would have wanted, that Goldilocks point in history where everything is just right, is now. Let’s do his name justice, never has there been a time to stand upon the shoulders of all the great men who fought the system and envisioned a world where we could all be one, this time, we can win, the people can change everything if the right tools and systems are put into place.

Exit Question 2: Feedback:

Absolutely, anything like this helps refocus vision, words, impact and more. I believe it was really well put together, excellent job!


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