26 Apr 2017
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BUCKY FULLER once said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

Divergent Unity is a humanitarian think-tank of transmuted data scientists harnessing the power of Big Data to find the best set of Probability Points for humanity to evolve from in these chaotic, ever changing times and ultimately, become the Cosmic leaders in a Post-Automation world.

How do we do this? Well, simply put: by using a range of Evolutionary Computing techniques hidden within the power of Theorems, AI, Genetic Algorithms, simulations and so on, we’ve built a new Divergent, Catalyst Based, ‘Development Framework’ and everything that entails, to make all others in existence, obsolete.

So what does that look like? As an example, one of the discoveries we’ve systematically identified within Humanities Big Data centres around, roughly, 11 emerging Global Game Changing Events taking place right now within a Tournament Style Selection Process, that will, in the near future, lead to a ‘winner takes all’ outcome of control, forever reshaping our collective reality as we know it.

One of the goals behind our Catalyst Framework is to monitor the remaining individuals (Groups, Corporations, Players, etc) at the Global Poker Table Of Control and then Trumpet the final play by causing an ‘all in’ scenario that will ultimately allow Divergent Unity to win Earths End Game. We have accomplished this cosmic level of analysis by surfing over an entropic sea of information fed from a consilience of Independent Academic Knowledge Domains and all of history itself.

Our Catalyst Architecture  has many solutions at the ready with implementations not far behind. We have effectively designed a series of divergent processes to re-educate individuals to be future-ready and have the capacity to generate new opportunities in a world beset upon by Automation, AI and the many other technological advances we collectively face. Many of these processes have been technically validated and MVP completed utilizing Open Source Methodology and in the end, will will generate a variety of innovative industry jobs/businesses/ecosystems for all people to thrive and prosper within.



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