25 May 2015
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The Fool - by: Pamela Coleman Smith

(Picture By: Pamela Coleman Smith)


As an Architect of Anything: Software, Buildings, Art, never mind something as large as Life, our jobs are never easy. We are asked to create and this we do. By doing, we see well beyond physical Form not because we are mystical Being's of some far away world but because we are asked to fix something broken, to assemble what is lost in pieces or even more magical: create what doesn't yet exist. In following the path to something amazing, as an Architect, we don't fear what others think. We know, feel and believe in what we are creating with our whole self. Whatever the Light is, the one we are drawn to, asked about, the one we've become a Spark of, it is in us to create it, our passion knows no bounds. With parting words from one Architect, to you, I suggest this: never be afraid to make a fool of yourself and the same goes for anything else in Life. Fools are but eyes of truth set upon a world filled with skeptic's, doubt and ignorance.

Embracing The 'Fool' In Life

First, never, ever, be afraid to make a fool of yourself. As the world grows around you…and if you pay attention from within…you’ll realize how in need we are of people not afraid to stand out and make ‘fools' of themselves.

Second, the moment you become one with who you are as a person, free from annoying views or patterns of others…That ‘fool’ will show who your true friends are, every step of the way. Getting rid of all that extra false noise in your life will help you reach beyond anything you ever thought possible.

Third, there’s no use agonizing over something you don’t dare to try. Since you haven’t tried, you’ve already failed. Either move on or try it. In either case, you’ll have created a new path for yourself in life and be able to move onto the next challenge without anything pulling you back.

Last, something on a deeper scale and it’s one each of us must find on our own...there is never failure. Only experience from moments we’ve tried within. Don’t let experiences scare you, have them, own them, be smart about them and grow from them, but never fear or become trapped in them. When you learn to meet any experience head on, without so much as a twitch; absorb it’s knowledge and you’ll have the power of change, no matter the plight…never look back in regret, only in learning from and you’ll rise above all that have failed before you.

As a teen, as a young adult, old adult, as a person, as a human, most importantly…as a whole person, secure in oneself; never be afraid of that ‘fool’. Embrace with anticipation, that next unknown moment it will bring…and from that to the next, in all the excitement and fun…a moment will happen so bright, so pure, so right, you’ll know that’s the one to carry with you for a long time to come.

Your journey on this vast sea is just beginning but know a chance always exists to form a new spark. A chance that might never show itself or be understood, but it’ll allow your life to become one worth telling, a great story of windows and the star’s they’ve looked out on.

In your journey, there will exist a moment of great purity that can be born, a loving, kind, understanding one, all from, you. So accepting, so unhindered, yet always ever so curious, it will become a beacon of hope for those still lost or searching, even found, shinning, it gives them purpose, guidance, under a bright new sun.

In that moment, under your light, songs of influence, unparalleled in time, can vertebrate out into the world, all because of a chance you were willing to face. So spread your wings young butterfly, take to the wind and tell us of your adventures, this is something we all await!


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