18 May 2015
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After a weekend in Nature...tired, my mind races to catch feelings coursing through me, nothing super special, just honest one's I'd like to share...

Humilities Ego

A Calling,
to all,
for you,
in Religions,
for us,
in each,
to join,
our Vision,
to create,
the Unity,
the Magic,
once again,
we will save,
as one.

As I quickly write this down, with love in my heart, an understanding I wish for all of us, I wonder how possible this is for the Human race, in this Moment, our current State, the world itself crying for help; How possible would it be for the Religious leaders, follower’s and others alike to stop, take all our faiths and walk to the Round table. Each of us, only the purity of our heart, the wanting to help the rest, the now, that power glowing forth from each of our hands.

When we sit at the Round Table, the Simplicity of our State, the realizations on what we’ve become, those we’ve left behind, the many we can help sooner, rather then later, all circle in understanding before us. As we entered into this new room, Judgment was left behind, only the Others matter here, each of us, strong in faith realize what needs to be done in this room, it’s behind these doors, in our Chambers of Enlightenment, that we will forge a new destiny for all Humanity.

The Rules and Principles that are etched upon this table are marked in Simplicity, they seek not to replace all faith, only to allow for global matters at hand, dire one’s, to be addressed in the best ways possible. Building upon the Foundations of Simplicity, we now begin to seed new blocks of Knowledge from each individual ‘Knight’ of Faith that stands before it. Free of historical doctrine, yet the Source of Power within each fuels our need to help in unique ways, gives power to the Round Table and will allow us to create a Global unified front for all Humanity. The billions poor, suffering, in pain and lost can be helped and shown that we can do this without war or making enemies of one another.

So I ask everyone, if a chance like this existed, are all religions ready to Believe deep within their own core, put away their Tellings but never losing them and step forward into the circle as One? One where Our stories of Knowing and Guiding now must take precedence for all…One where humility and deep introspection must reign for us to truly Learn from ourselves, our past actions, free of Ego, free of Judgment and fear. One where we will show everyone how ready Humanity is to be done with the greed, violence, oppression and war that has continually ruled our History?

I believe in all Faith’s, I respect all beliefs. So I put this out there to ask the others, deep in their own religions; is something like this even remotely possible? Would religious leaders or groups look past their own Ego’s for just a Moment in our given State and come to a table free of all known views yet stands powered by our core, singular Source, of love for all? I believe it is possible, I believe such a Moment can happen. I believe it’s worth trying and giving hope to the billions wondering where we’ve gone wrong and most of all, show that we have not forgotten about them. That more then ever, in our given Humanity, this right now, this moment, we are truly looking for a way to reconnect once again.


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