28 Apr 2015
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The path to understanding takes time and knowledge. To start, a means to follow, in following you’ll begin to understand the change, a need for the sake all of humanity.

I’ve noticed a number articles from magazines and the like go by now; stories relating to ‘phoning E.T.’ (By Sarah Scoles, Poplar Science, along with a few other articles) and sending out other ‘feelers’ for Contact through groups like SETI…Then deeper down other rabbit holes we’ve got continuing articles around the discovers through Quantum physics or from other big notable names like George Church and the DNA sequencing storage…these are to name a few.

What if I could provide a series of articles, scripts (for something like 'The Corporation') that transcends all our rabbit holes and shows the need for a greater organization to take place long before we can even hope of making Contact. Something that can help Humanity on the Whole...One that requires a particular Role of Person within our Global Corporation of Life? To reach this level of understanding requires a particular mind set, along with a set of skills that crosses over many disciplines, in short, the act requires us to filter over Big Data throughout the time of Big History. I call the over arching Role for one to play: 'A Modern Time Traveler’.

Founded among the basis of our scientific facts, theories and other discovers (past and present), we’ll take the reader up and above to stand at the edge of a cliff that over looks our great Sea of Discoveries and Understandings. Here, we’ll start to look at some droplets that form this ocean, each one presenting a moment, a State of our Global Humanity. Within each State, we’ll begin to point out the faults it causes among our much large current System of Design and how it joins to other States, ultimately causing a System Reboot if we don’t fix it.

In short, at the smaller layers, the role of a person who does this sort of ‘debugging’ and ‘creating’ is called a Systems Architect. At the Corporation levels, these types of people are generally known as Entrepreneur's and Architects. Among the many traits, they have special insight into how thing’s are formed and have intuitive feelings for the way ‘things’ should flow. What you don’t see a lot of, what is very rare among us, are one’s called Life Architects. These are individual’s with all the traits of the business and technical defined roles, with some extra special one’s thrown in and they’ve also stepped out of the Corporate realm and have decided to take upon themselves the Worlds problems at large. Much like philanthropist do once they have achieved all they wanted in ‘life’ and money doesn’t play a leading edge role for them anymore.

Searching for Aliens, searching for that Holy Grail of Immortality (Google), searching for that next, deep discovery in science; is one we see coming up more and more throughout all the different magazines, talk shows and online social media’s these last few years…But none have understood it from an Architect’s stand point, never mind a Life Architect. Depending on how you want to do this… I can provide trumps to all their searching, each card a light of hope to wave down each deep hole of discovery. The goals are simple: provide a means to shining new understanding to existing and past discoveries, joining together Patterns of Design that have been overlooked or completely missed. After all, this is what the role of an Architect is for (we just get forgotten once the ball get’s rolling): to provide an overall guidance in Applications of Design (Of Structure, Of Discipline)…something that Life, the workings of Humanity, are no different than. I believe by 'Architecting for Contact', we can garner much debate, new idea’s, tools and attention once the flood lights are properly illuminated over the Sea of our current discoveries.


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