08 May 2015
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The following is reproduced from my 1991 Self-Published High School Project entitled: An Anthology Of Poems. (I've made a few small edits from the original)…

The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are recorded to be the great ages of romantic poets. Shakespeare, Tennyson and other poets filled the hearts of readers with tales of beauty, tragic loves and dreamy islands lost to the world; where love is the only experience to be found. Like Nature poems, the romantic theme must be written without the conformed ‘mask’ of society. That is, romantics must reach deep within themselves in order to express their feelings effectively. If the author is unable to reach into their heart, the poem will not create an effective feeling or thought in the reader.

Paradise of Love

With night full of spring and stars you stand,
You kneel upon one knee and lend a helping hand.
To the young of the Earth,
creatures of the unknown,
when your love is released,
it awakens everything,
God has shown.

The affection and laughter,
tears of rain,
does not love,
one way or another,
always cause pain,
for the heart is the center,
why does God then
play this game.

In time,
our love,
is going to be strong
as life itself,
only then can we be together,
in goodness and in health.

At last I say,
release unto me,
your love and soul,
till death do us part,
I promise,
I will,
Let you go.


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