11 May 2015
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Painting A Master Piece For All Humanity
Above the Clouds

Painting A Master Piece For All Humanity

All masterpieces, all great idea’s, begin with Vision. Vision can exist on many scales, from the small to large, the large to unfathomed. My Vision goes beyond this and it needs a massive, distributed source of CPU power in order to accomplish it. Together, we are going to rewrite our current State of Humanity and paint a new one, one that includes all of us acting as one cohesive force.

Using my architectural, artistic and debugging expertise, I’m going to help Humanity avoid another Reboot of Civilization. We are the only one’s to blame for our current State of Affairs. This rabbit Whole of Life we’ve currently dug for ourselves, on the large scale of humanities time line, only started happening a few hours ago. The damage that we’ve done and are continuing to do in this short of time will soon become irreversible, so far as human existence and evolution is concerned anyways. Make no mistake, nature will rebound
and fix itself. What we do for ourselves, how we plan to fix our current State, that power lies solely in all our hands.

To begin our journey back up and out of this mess we’ve painted, we must educate ourselves on what is, what was and what can become. We must see beyond what has been told and listen for what has been said. In doing this, with open mind, we can start to formulate new idea’s and pathways for all people, not just the select few.

With any great movement, it only takes one person to spark a fire; that source, that one person with a vision, so ingrained, so sure of it are they, that their passion drives it forward against all odd’s until a wild fire starts, ever reaching towards the clouds and space.

The master piece I’m going to paint, the spark that I’m going to become is one we can all participate in, one I call: ‘Contact’. There will be simple, guiding principles to help us assemble the many parts of this painting. This master piece, will focuses on stabilizing the world, cease the endless violent conflicts that are ranging all around us and ultimately unite the world under a common cause: To Make Contact.

Using my professional and life skills, I will Architect a series of Design Patterns, one’s we’ll need to embrace in order to achieve our goals. While the broad over-arching vision is called ‘To Make Contact’, there are many smaller, sub-visions that must be met. Each of these smaller paintings will be full pictures in themselves, each contributing to the large masterpiece. When we are done, what we will have accomplished, together, will be nothing short of amazing.

Our journey will start simple enough, in fact, this is our first principle: Keep It Simple. I’ve setup a fully dedicated website at www.OY2K.com. At this site, I’ll post all my thoughts and patterns through articles and blogs. Each of the items I’m posting are pieces of Knowledge that must be understood by anyone wishing to help in the creating of our masterpiece (more on this will become understood later in future articles). In what we are building, what we are going to accomplish. there are no bounds to what we will learn, in fact, what must be learned spans all professions’, all disciplines. Just as dynamic as life is itself, we must be in our quest to fix the problems we’ve created.


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