04 May 2015

Letters to SETI: My Opening Introduction

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To anyone participating in this global effort that we've all embarked on: if you have a way or know of a way to get this website, this letter in front of the person(s) I've written to, please do so...As always, one should only ever take a legal and peaceful path in doing any type of action that requires getting someone to look at something in a different light.

02 May 2015

Awakening A Phenomenon

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The Great Story of Mother Earth’s rescue from the clutches of the few who chose to abuse their powers bestowed from View, onto them, an understanding, from the Pasts of Unknown.

28 Apr 2015

A New Journey To Making Contact

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The path to understanding takes time and knowledge. To start, a means to follow, in following you’ll begin to understand the change, a need for the sake all of humanity.



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