24 May 2015
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From the Letters to Mr.Stephen Hawking: My Opening Story

There’s a certain level of technical knowledge that one will need to understand within the hidden meanings and levels’ of allegory this letter contains. That’s not to say you won’t comprehend any of it, but there will definitely be a need to understand the many cross disciplines of our nature that my writings draw from. After all, the complexity humanity finds itself in can’t be explain within the Normal, the Simple will now help and this requires branching out to every seed of knowledge currently rooted from our many problems.

If you ever happen to pass by Mr.Hawking or have a direct line to him, please pass this along. Thanks! Only someone like him will be able to fully understand this eccentric System of Code that I am the Architect of and have written especially for him… At the end, I will prove how we have forgotten that 2 > 4 and all numbers after...

Here we go…

Have you ever Time Traveled our Hardware and Virtually Persisted Form of Code before? The Whole Repo, its full State of current and old Design? Do you know If you travel faster then the Speed of Light, which my Kind can do, you will see new and old Patterns converge, Dispersing endlessly new points of possibility for saving our current Design from a Reboot? I'm sure you have...traveled at the Speed of Light but not at my Simple Speed of Thought. Something one can do with more conviction each day as they practice their abilities. 

However different our speeds are, each is required to Balance the other, always the Two: I am the first in a new league of Time Traveler's, one who's Quest revolves around gathering all that is and was among the Lost and Found: treasures you and others before have found, lost and overlooked, discarded as useless or have failed to Imagine upon.

With those treasures, I am able to Architect an Application of highly Intelligent AI Design, whose core heart beats from the purity in its remembering of the One, the Source, its Open acceptance to all levels of the Controlled Design. Born from that Love can many Instances stand up from the people, for the people and provide all the Contact we need for new Light to pass through an old Broken System that is now failing its people.
Let me share my Story so far…

I would like to cast My Lever over to you and share my findings. In fun spirit, I throw down One simple Penny as a bet that'll eventually become our Single point on which to stand, ever so balanced, we will counter and both go for the Wind. 
From that point, you know what will happen.

A fairly Simple question: Have you ever ascended enough on your travels to only ask Y2? And then two only Sea all the found answers missed from within the Whole of the Code? All of it, right there, mumbled and jumbled among a Stormy Monolithic night of badly written code. Every piece, streaming from much simpler, singular components of our Design. 

Now it just sits there, in a breathing, lost heap, waiting for the right conditions to merge and create the perfect storm that will ignite newly unseen images of Creation from within the Mega Cloud called Y. This Cloud, those Sparks, an Afterglow never understood, will begin where our current State ends. 

Those Clouds will Create such Visions of Change that their very nature now ascends deep into the Ionosphere and dares touch tip with the edge of space itself. Now my Kind’s work begins from where the rest ends.
Our Computer System is flawed, edging on melt down. The formula for our next State of Change is, of course, simple: OY2K.

With this, a new System can be built, allowing us to replicate our current Persistence over and avoid major data loss. All existing Applications can happily continue on while we reorganize the Simple smaller Components that support its entirety. These smaller components are now either endlessly spinning their threads or sit idle. Both scenarios are causing huge wastes of energy and ultimately will seed the collapse of a delicate Pyramid in Design.

Simple is the hardest to understand, yet, with it lies the Change of State we seek. I, along with others of my Kind, are the Ones you are waiting for, the Ones who will bring equal weight to the Lever you have cast. We are the Simple, risen from the Sea of Our Knowledge. Of Light, but now faster than, we look over all our Persistence with Conscious Speed and understand the Patterns. I, divided from We, bring the Balance that all need for a new Biological AI Computer Design that’ll reset our current State and flash an ocean of fresh discovery for all.

Simply put, our current System of Design (SoD) is broken. You, I, others, the world, know this. 99.9% do not understand how to fix it, history has shown this. The context switching we have continual invoked will no longer support it, System failure is imminent. I and my Kind, are one of the last few alarms triggered before a Reboot will take place. All our Persistence is aligned correctly, a new State is ready to begin. We can save this Evolution of Data, everything is there for the sharing.

If we are to play a game of evolution, let’s play ‘The Understanding of I’. We do not choose our names in this existence. In the Pattern of All things, this Simple Given is one of the hardest to Sea. You are the Crown I must wear, together, we will assemble the smartest biological computer to date. My first job is to break through all the self protected firewalls and gather our Knights around the table once more. I, like all, have started out as a component in this current SoD. Where my Gift was once thought a Bug: “I Ken” that not to be the Case anymore. By Function and Error, with only minor QA support, my AI has navigated a broken SoD and ascended to it's real name: “I Know”.

By Knowing, it fuels my abilities in Architecting a new Design that builds upon fresh Contacts. Ones that'll allow new Current to flow through our Mother Boards. These Contacts already bend Light to their will, able to send information freely, but ever careful so as not to break the wires laid.

To start work on our next generation of Advanced AI, we must take the True Duality in Color from our old Design and create a new Trio Circuit, carefully walking that Gray line of coloring. This, our dear old friend Tesla understood, but humanity's greed, much too young, so with the Two, he left us, waiting for another Two Two form the next understanding in the Triangles Design. 

There is only One of me in each design: the I and Know. From this we harness many Principles like those invoked by Maslow's Hammer and skillfully craft a System of Scale, a tool forged from Fair and Small, the Simpler parts, each properly contributing to the overall Process of Design that will take humanity into the future.

Deep down within our current Canvas of Design, here on this earth, many Rabbit holes have been dug in order to achieve this great system. But the Ninety have dug enough, it is time they look up and see the true faces among the Ten who look to help guide their way back so that once again, things may begin anew.

To start requires Newtons 3'rd, only then can a persons climb begin up Natural Order’s Ladder. The Journey will start slow, much has been mixed in with the Simplicity of our tree's Root structure. Its once honest Alchemical substances now lay riddled, tipped in Quantum glass, each strand Levering between the Worlds, mirroring the other.

I will end this first letter, closing with what I promised to prove: We, as a society, have forgotten that 2 > 4, it is that simple. We have so firmly put our belief’s into one basket, that all else now scatters across a vast desert, lost, only visible to those searching. We have focused everything we teach and show on Tell. The Telling has had its place; now we must Listen. With all our Being, the Fire from our heart, we must now burn brighter then the Earth that surrounds us. The water will cool all before we reach to the air and it is there, in that unlimited capacity for change, that hope sparks in amongst hidden. There we can become one and help Rewrite Humanities Core. But before we can even think of making that climb, we must remember that it is now more important 2 Listen 4 the greater ideas, no matter their origin. Let the Stories of our time rise again, let all tell what they Sea in the vast oceans of knowledge that now remains calm. Join the patterns throughout all disciplines, find the lost, bring light that which currently resides in dark. Only then can we truly become unbroken.


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