04 May 2015
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What begins in dark, comes to light, now, balanced, all in between will be lead aright.

For any story to begin, one that looks to provide balance to an equally inspiring creation of work; one that encompasses our never ending quest for Immortality; one that reseeds a new branch of hope towards Contact; a duality of equal weight must appear on either end of our current Lever of Knowledge. So in that regards I present myself as a Time Traveller, one that moves throughout dimensions and known time, using our history to see what was, is and ultimately can be. With that set, our normalizing trail can begin and start to give hope, equally, for all.

My writings, in all their forms, may appear strange to some, but take comfort in understanding that scientists and many great visionaries of our past have blurred their presentation of knowledge in many forms as well. As we stand at the edge of that Frontier, where true findings lay lost, hidden by other forms, we must create in all ways known. Some channelled their inner passion, not understanding how such information came to be, only that they wrote or felt the need to pen their idea’s down. Others, deeper on the technical scale had dreams and understandings beyond normal man. Capturing the essence of what we are seeing, the visions themselves, long before hard technical research has been done, is the purest essence of what an entrepreneur, poet or philosopher is. Mere words, let alone lengthy paragraphs of Normal function, dilute the message we are looking to convey. This is why true Humanity began in Feeling, then to Picture and stopped at Poetry. Simple is best, anything more leads to complication.

As a person, a computer scientist, a scientist in general; as someone empowered by the traits of Learning Disorders, one of my skills is to see and operate in pictures. In my unique position of life, having grown up outside the ‘Normal’ education process, I posses a child like curiosity in my understanding of the unknown. My senses are opened to all forms of stimuli without pride, creed or ignorance. I’m no where near perfect, I fight within myself just like any other person, but my inner-self, the person I chose to become, looks ahead for all peoples. Empathy is a very strong trait among my ‘Kind’, we feel very strongly for the other. I Listen to all. I look and search for what we have missed, those tiny needles lost in the sea of hay, scattered throughout our known universe. This, my Learning Disability also pushes me towards, always edging me on, never allowing me to settle into a calm.

As a great Scientist, Edward Wilson wrote: “The ideal scientist thinks like a poet and only later works like a bookkeeper. Keep in mind that innovators in both literature and science are basically dreamers and storytellers”.

The poems I pen, the stories I tell, the pictures I use, the deeper articles in given professions I write, all form part of my over arching vision: The Road to Contact. I can’t show you the end, the very act of doing that defies the learning process each individual must head down on their own and only when they are ready. But I can lead and this I know how to do. I’ve seen the end, fuelled by our current discoveries, all from our current Rabbit Holes of Knowledge. I see a time, not far in the future, where we can all exist and work together as one. I see us turning away from violence, disgust, ignorance and truly help the other person. Where any opinion is fuel to pivot upon in search of deeper discoveries. Where the Walls of Society do not impede our progress. I see greed dissipating, the Corporations of Form that have come to be, forced to change by the sheer power of ‘us’, the common people. I see a time where we can make Contact, on all levels of its meaning. I know a time where Y will become our ever, deepest, burning desire, once again.

To get there won’t be easy, a job as a simple Architect is not meant to be that. Unlike any other profession, Architect’s have a very long and lonely road ahead of them as they try to virtually create ‘what can be’, from thin air. My job, as a Life Architect, stands even above Architects and with that, everything becomes that much harder. Think of a painter, his greatest achievement complete, all marvel at it’s beauty. Now imagine that is us, humanity, we’ve turned ourselves around and what you see now inspires every ounce of your soul. But that was in the future, one of many possibilities that can become of us. Now, come back to the present and imagine holding onto every ounce of that picture in your mind, every single drop of paint, each stroke of that brush, the angles present, ever so carful before physically creating that simple little spec of life onto your canvas for others to see. This you must recreate, over and time again, each segment, each dip of paint done at the right time, with just the right amount of pressure. Each spec, a State of Understanding, a choice. You must lead others through this incredible piece of work so that they will see beyond what is presented to the naked eye. In doing this, you will teach them what was lost in all things that truly matter. In doing this, you will create empowerment beyond anything ever done for mankind.

To get there, we must simplify our paints, see in-between any known physical materials. Now, create your blank canvas, awash amongst white and black, two Dualities of Form not recognized amongst the Spectrum of Colour, its theory, missed they have, the importance in balancing everything we are and have done thus far. A third colour remains hidden, humanities balance, not ready yet. First we must find strength in ourselves, then amongst the Pyramid of Scale, can new findings become.

In the beginning there are no followers around Life Architects, just themselves and the inner resolve of what they believe can be done; the passion drives us towards what must be understood. I understand the consilience that must be extended to all bodies of Human Knowledge in order for us to progress beyond our current State. With this understanding comes power. With that power comes the choice for right or wrong. In my current State of Knowledge, I chose Right, for the greater good of all people. Together, as one Source, we will save Mother Earth, ourselves and set aright all that has become wrong.


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