18 Aug 2015
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Client: Hello, is this OY2K Solutions? The company that claims no solution is too big for them to find?

Me: Yes.

Client: Ah, wonderful. That’s a pretty big claim. It’s such a crazy world out there, so much corruption, suffering, everything is spinning out of control, you should try and fix that.

Me: Alright, I will.

Client: Hahaha, nice one. Anyways, time is money! We have this massively large scaled Big Data application of sorts, it runs on many advanced computers and stuff like that, can you help fix it?

Me: Yes.

Client: Great! We would love to extend its lifetime, add some functionality, bring some of these other machines lost to the system over time back into the fold, can you do that?

Me: Yes.

Client: Can you do that without rewriting everything? It was first created, oh hell, God knows when, before I was born anyways. It has had over a hundred different additions to it throughout the years. I believe it runs on many different computer systems and was written in at least 50 different languages. We’ve spent a lot of time and money on it already.

Me: Yes, I understand how to break it all down, refactor it and build it back up.

Client: Wow! Can you…wait, is this a joke? We haven’t even told you about the problems. You can do all that without knowing about…

Me: Yes.

Client: How?

Me: Well, in short, I’m an Architect and a Debugger. I understand the Void from which all creation comes. I understand the patterns, how to find them, how to flow with the water, when to lead and when to ride the waves. I listen, regardless of its origin, I accept everything. I let all flow through me without discrimination. I look for points of choice made in a flat world of design, done at some point in time and connect that to a much larger set of points placed within a new multi-dimensional dispersion pattern. All of this will eventually bring your Application to the Present. From that, we can now make new choices based on all known validated points and not on wild ghosts one thinks exist in the system. I will fix your problems, add new creation, empower your employee’s and demonstrate better paths to take for the future of your Company. You, me, the application, all of it, are of the same. When you truly understand that, nothing is impossible, just believe…

Client: Hu?

Me: Yes, I can help, it’s just like any other computer; running applications, software, hardware and code. I’ve done this so many times that I have lost count. My credentials are blah blah, I’ve been debugging and creating since blah blah. There is no problem I can’t find a solution to once I’m triggered. I am amazing, I am positive, I look to empower others, I am blah blah…Should I continue?

Client: Nope, I’m sold! How would you sum yourself up?

Me: I am ADHD.

Client: Hu?

Me: The magic of Life has wired my brain in such a way that I’ve been trained to fix problems, to think outside the box and when, at times, I was presented with nothing, I created new ones to work within. I fly in the face of popular opinion, always questioning, doing what hasn’t been done, never stopping or accepting failure. I seek to experience the All and learn from each moment that it presents. It is because of this that I do not fear to try, think or go beyond any limits one believes may exist.

Client: Hu?

Me: I’m an Entrepreneur, an Innovator, I do not fear failure, I will eventually find your solution.

Client: Ooo, Excellent! Well, I look forward to us working together on these problems, I have great confidence in you! Honestly, I don’t know how much longer it can keep going. It’s crashing multiple times a day now, system resources are being exhausted, alarms are being triggered in every direction, people scattered far and wide, others lost down many different rabbit holes and so on…

Me: I look forward to the challenge, I’ll assemble the team and get to work.

The Loving Wife: Honey, what are you doing downstairs?

Me: Nothing really, just staring into the Light-bulb, formulating my next business idea.


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