12 May 2015

Warning: Depending on your exposure to the Truth of our current reality, most of these video’s will challenge your understanding of what is happening to our world. They will crash against your cognitive dissonance and their messages will be severally hindered by your Latent Inhibition…tread carefully please…to understand them, as a whole, you must learn to build a consilience of knowledge from everything, this is not easy and requires much practice. Taming your Ego, controlling your Cognitive Dissonance and lowering your Latent Inhibition are key in working towards mastering this method of Creative Visionary Research.

Above all, remember, have fun with the learning experience…

Higher Self Teachings

Drone - Netflick

Wisdom Teachings With David Wilcock: #193-octahedral-universe

Gaia: Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock - Viewer Questions Part 5 - December 2016S6:Ep17

Gaia: The Earth Alliance: Cosmic Disclosure May 2016 S4-EP10

Videos that I've used in my research for all the Idea's in my writing, game designs and finding the questions to and Patterns of all things in life...

What the Bleep Do We Know!?

The Truth About Cancer (Episodes 1-9)

I, pet goat II

Rosie King: How autism freed me to be myself

The Sacred Geometry Movie






ADHD Awareness Day 2015 Permission to Proceed - David Giwerc - 10_0715.mp4






Who You Are Is Awesome! Simple Strategies for ADHD Kids


The Gnostic Teachings: http://gnosticteachings.org/


The Corporation

Into The Beyond - All these video’s can be found on YouTube

Biology of Belief - by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

The Suppressed Science of Consciousness - Full Documentary

ET Disclosure - Has it Already Happened? Feat. Miguel Mendonca (Dec. 2016)

ENDGAME: Disclosure & The Final Defeat Of The Cabal - David Wilcock & Corey Goode - Part 1

David Wilcock | Corey Goode: Endgame II-- The Antarctic Atlantis ET Ruins/ Cabal Rescue Plan

Part 1 Mt Shasta Secret Space Program Conference - Corey Goode Presentation

Part 2 Mt Shasta Secret Space Program Conference - Corey Goode Presentation

The Sacred Geometry Behind It All - Sacred Geometry Explained

Mary Rodwell: Star-Children Herald a New Humanity - December 13, 2016

Dr.Quantum: Quantum Mechanics Double Slit, Entanglement & Flatland

(Official Movie) THRIVE What On Earth Will It Take.mp4

5 Companies Secretly Tracking You Right Now - Dark5.mp4


60 Min. episode - Wall Street- Inside the Collapse P-1.mp4

60 Min. episode - Wall Street- Inside the Collapse P-2.mp4

60 Min. episode - Wall Street- Inside the Collapse P-3.mp4

60 Min. episode - Wall Street- Inside the Collapse P-4.mp4

60 Min. episode - Wall Street- Inside the Collapse P-5.mp4

A New World - (Venus Project).mp4

Alan Watts - Choice.mp4

Alan Watts - Learning the Human Game [Must Listen].mp4

Alan Watts - Let go of controlling everything.mp4

Alan Watts - The philosophy of war.mp4

Alan watts - Trusting Intuition.mp4

Alan Watts ~ Cultivating The level Of Detachment.mp4

Alan Watts breaks down what's wrong with the world - Part 1 (1970).mp4

Alan Watts breaks down what's wrong with the world - Part 2 (1970).mp4

Alan Watts Video How To Get Everything You Want In Life.mp4

Alchemy 05 The Secret of Azoth.mp3

Aldous Huxley - Speech at UC Berkeley, The Ultimate Revolution 1962.mp4

Aldous Huxley interview-1958 (FULL).mp4

Allan Watts - What am I supposed to do in life.mp4

American Holocaust of Native American Indians (FULL Documentary).mp4

Ancient Aliens 2015 The Genius Factor - Documentary (HD).mp4

Anonymous - Do You See What I See.mp4

Answerables Explained.mp4

Answerables Immersive Virtual Classrooms.mp4


Bernie Sanders Exposes the Reality Of US Politics.mp4

Best Illuminati hiphop song (K-rino - grand deception).mp4

Billionaire Koch Bros. Give DISASTROUS Interview!.mp4

Billions in Change Official Trailer (2015) - Manoj Bhargava - Watch the Film at BillionsInChange.com.mp4


Blue Pill or Red Pill - The Matrix (2_9) Movie CLIP (1999) HD.mp4

Boyd Bushman, a Senior Scientist of Lockheed Martin, on Anti-Gravity Technology.mp4

Bringers of the Dawn - Barbara Marciniak - FULL.mp4

Bruce Lee vs The Matrix - The Battle for Wisdom.mp4

Cancer The Forbidden Cures!.mp4


Carl Sagan - Profound Words of Wisdom.mp4

Carl Sagan On Alien Civilisations.mp4

carl sagan speaks zeitgeist.mp4

Carol Dweck The power of believing that you can improve.mp4

Change your channel - Mallence Bart Williams TEDtalks Berlin.mp4

COLLAPSE - Michael C Ruppert [2009] Documentary.mp4

Colonel Charles Halt Audio Tape with Subtitles.mp4

Compassion and Kinship Fr Gregory Boyle at TEDxConejo 2012.mp4

Consciousness and Random Event Generators.mp4

Consciousness Science Kept Hidden.mp4

Conversation with Deepak Chopra and Diane Powell.mp4


Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs - 2012 (Full Documentary).mp4

Documentary The Tax Free Tour (VPRO Backlight).mp4

Donald Hoffman Do we see reality as it is.mp4

Donald Sutherland reveals some dark secrets.mp4

Dr Judy Wood Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9_11.mp4

Dr. Michio Kaku UFOs Are Real.mp4

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake talks about his banned TED talk on Skeptiko with Alex Tsakiris 02_04_2013.mp4

Dr. Steven Greer They Will Stage an 'Alien' Attack on Earth.mp4


Earthlings - Full Documentary.mp4

Earthlings Trailer.mp4




Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio 23 july 2008.mp4

Edward Bernays 1 Torches of Freedom.mp4

Edward O. Wilson Excerpt 2 Advice to Young Scientists.mp4

Edward SnowdenUFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle.mp4


Elon Musk Pursuing the next step in human evolution.mp4

Elon Musk 5 Areas That Will Have the Most Important Effect on Humanity _ Inc. Magazine.mp4

Elon Musk compares AI efforts to “Summoning the Demon” (10.24.14).flv

Elon Musk How I Became The Real 'Iron Man'.mp4

Elon Musk interesting interview at TED.mp4

Elon Musk Might Be A Super Villain.mp4

Elon Musk Predicts Innovations of the Future.mp4

Elon Musk talks about a new type of school he created for his kids (4.1.15).mp4

Emily Balcetis Why some people find exercise harder than others.mp4


Everything You Don't Know About Pleiadians Part 1.mp4

Evidence of Revision - Part 1 - The Assassination Of Kennedy And Oswald as Never Seen Before.mp4

Evidence of Revision - Part 2 - The Why Of It, All Referenced To Vietnam And LBJ.mp4

Evidence of Revision - Part 3- LBJ, Hoover and Others, What So Few Know Even Today.mp4

Evidence of Revision - Part 4 - The RFK Assassination as Never Seen Before.mp4

Evidence of Revision - Part 5 - The RFK Assassination Continued, Mk ULTRA And The Jonestown Massacre.mp4

Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!.mp4

Ex-CIA officer Robert D. Steele.mp4

EXCLUSIVE Buzz Aldrin Confirms UFO Sighting in Syfy's 'Aliens on the Moon'.mp4

Feature Film - The Stanford Prison Experiment (Documentary).mp4


Follow Your Heart - Inspiring Video.mp4

Fred Wolf _ Deepak Chopra Consciousness is the Way the Universe turns Nothing into Something.mp4

Free Energy of Tesla.mp4

Freedom to Connect Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) on Victory To Save Open Internet, Fight Online Censors.mp4


Giant Megaliths Found in Siberia Could Be Largest in the World.mp4

Goddess Nut.mp4

Graham Hancock - The War on Consciousness @ TEDxWhitechapel.mp4

Hackschooling makes me happy _ Logan LaPlante _ TEDxUniversityofNevada.mp4

Hermann Oberth we have been helped by the people of other worlds.mp4

Hidden Energy - Dr. Hal Puthoff.mp4


How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries.mp4

How To Open Your 7 Chakras - As Explained In a Children's Show.mp4

How You Are Enslaved And Why You Dont Know It.mp4


Interview With A Patriot.mp4

Interview With John Nash's Schizophrenic Son.mp4

It Starts Now - Alan Watts.mp4

James Flynn Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents'.mp4

Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist We're Living in the Matrix.mp4

JOHN .F.KENNEDY(the speech they killed him for).mp4

John Kerry Admits They're Making Order Out of Chaos for World Order.mp4

Julian Treasure How to speak so that people want to listen.mp4

Kare Anderson Be an opportunity maker.mp4

Ken Robinson How to escape education's death valley.mp4


KYMATICA - FULL LENGTH MOVIE - Expand Your Consciousness!!!.mp4

Lawyer Says Client's Hands Were Up As Police Murdered His Child.mp4

Lord Hill Norton Former NATO Head Tells the UFO reality (Audio Only).mp4

Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition.mp4

Man Solves Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000%.mp4

Margaret Heffernan Dare to disagree.mp4

Martin Luther King's Last Speech I've Been To The Mountaintop.mp4

Medvedev talks about aliens on Earth! (English Subs).mp4

Memory Hackers Preview _ NOVA.mp4

Message from KRYON- Next 3 years 2015_16_17.mp4

Message to Humanity by the Pleiadians 2015.mp4

Michael Cremo Forbidden Archaeology _ Talks at Google.mp4

Michael Talbot - Part 1 Complete- Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe - Thinking Allowed.mp4

Michael Tellinger Ancient technology and the Ubuntu movement.mp4

Michio Kaku (2014) The Future of the Mind.mp4

Michio Kaku (2014) The Greatest Mystery of Science [NEW!].mp4

Michio Kaku 3 types of Civilizations.mp4

Michio Kaku Aliens Exist!! Contact with ETs Imminent!!.mp4

Michio Kaku Explains String Theory.mp4

Michio Kaku The Dark Side of Technology.mp4

Michio Kaku vs Stephen Hawking - Aliens, Humanity, and God.mp4

Michio Kaku What Is Déjà Vu.mp4

Michio Kaku Will Mankind Destroy Itself.mp4

Mike Wallace Interview With Donald Keyhoe 1958 UFO's Are Real -Full- Interview.mp4

Mind Over Matter - Telekinesis 5th Dimension (Paranormal Documentary).mp4

Mind Over Matter.mp4

Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary.WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS.Law of attraction_vibes.mp4

Multipliers Book Trailer Video.mp4

Must See! How The ILLUMINATI uses Television to Control Your Mind.mp4

NASA Scientist Says World Should Prepare For Visitors.mp4

NASA Space Station Panics And Turns Cameras On Foo Fighter, Oct 29, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.mp4

NASA Top Secret UFO Tapes Captured Footage Compilation.mp4

Neil deGrasse Tyson Aliens _ UFOs explained by astrophysicist.mp4

Neil deGrasse Tyson Asks Sam Harris A Question Beyond Belief.mp4

Neil DeGrasse Tyson- On Big Bang Theory.mp4

New World Order Blueprint of Madmen (Full Documentary HD).mp4

No music! Army vs. UFO (1942; Los Angeles). Captured on Film w_CBS Radio Report of Battle.mp4

North Pole Inner Earth Expedition in 2013 - Brooks Agnew.mp4

November 2014 Reb Rebele.mp4

Numbing & Horrible Former Drone Operator Brandon Bryant on His Haunting First Kill.mp4

Obama interviews Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma.mp4

Once a wise man said - Quotations - part 1 - Albert Einstein and others.mp4

Our democracy no longer represents the people. Here's how we fix it _ Larry Lessig _ TEDxMidAtlantic.mp4

Pale Blue Dot - An Unauthorized View...Episode 1 Wanderers.mp4


Penn Professor Charles Dwyer How to Get Anyone to Do Anything You Want.mp4


Planet Earth - As We Eat Our Way To Extinction.mp4

Planet Earth's Northern Hemisphere.mp4


President Barack Obama Denies Knowledge of Aliens.mp4

Prison Breaking the cycle.mp4

Propaganda Games Sesame Credit - The True Danger of Gamification - Extra Credits.mp4

Proud To Be.mp4

Psychologists Explain 911 Denial.mp4

Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening Phil Borges at TEDxUMKC.mp4

Pt 2 Milton Torres UFO Disclosure Press Conference 09.mp4

Questions _ Answers With Ty and Charlene - Part 1.mp4

Questions And Answers With Ty and Charlene Part 2.mp4

Reality is an Illusion.mp4

Rebooting the Cosmos Is the Universe the Ultimate Computer.mp4

Reel Wisdom- Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes.mp4

Resonance Beings of Frequency documentary film.mp4


Richard Dawkins - Aliens Seeded Mankind.mp4

Richard Dawkins Full Interwiew.wav

Robert F. Kennedy marks the Death of Martin Luther King.mp4

Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion @ TEDxWhitechapel.mp4

Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion @ TEDxWhitechapel(1).mp4

Russell Brand Interviews Quantum Physicist Dr. John Hagelin (Part 13).mp4

Russell Brand Will Blow Your Mind [HD].mp4


Sam Harris challenged by Oxford grad student.mp4

ScienceCasts The Sound of Earthsong.mp4

Senior scientist Boyd Bushman (anti-gravity) Part 2.mp4

Sentinel Project Overview.pdf

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum Mind Control Explained.mp4

Sir Ken Robinson Bring on the learning revolution!.mp4

Slavery by consent. You're being made to enjoy your servitude. Aldous Huxley.mp4

Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods Factory Farms.mp4

Stanton Friedman Discusses Stephen Hawking _ SETI.mp4

Star-Wackers (killers) _ Randy Quaid on the Hollywood Criminal Syndicate.mp4

Startling Revelations from the Other Side [FULL VIDEO].mp4

State of the Gaming Industry 2015.mp4

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address.mp4

Stop Watching House of Cards and Doing Shit You Hate.mp4


Syria War of deception - Ken O'Keefe.mp4

TEDxPhiladelphiaED - Adam Grant - Always Wear Dark Suits.mp4

Tesla's intrest in Vedic works.mp4

The announcement.mp4

The Awakening - Part 2 - Conversations with the Matrix 3_7.mp4

The Awakening Of My Kind.mp4

The Awakening-Part 1-Divine Connections 1_7.mp4

The Awakening-Part 1-Divine Connections 2_7.mp4

The Beautiful Mind of John Nash Documentary on the Life and Struggles of John Nash.mp4

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is Coming.mp4

The Cremation of Care - Enhanced Footage.mp4

The Enslavement of Humanity.mp4

The Evolution of Computing - Part 1.mp4

The Evolution of Computing - Part 2.mp4

The Evolution of Computing - Part 3.mp4

The Evolution of Computing - Part 4.mp4

The Fluoride Deception an interview with Christopher Bryson.mp4

The Full Sagan Series 1-9 HD.mp4

The Future of World Religion (in 2050).mp4

The Great Culling Our Water Official Full Movie.mp4

The History of Nikola Tesla - a Short Story.mp4

The Human Face of Big Data OFFICIAL FILM TRAILER.mp4

The Internet's Own Boy The Story of Aaron Swartz (CC available).mp4

The Lost Temples of India.mp4

The Matrix has you. - Want out.mp4

The Milgram Experiment 1962 (Full Documentary).mp4

The Mind - Alan Watts.mp4


THE ONLY VIDEO YOU HAVE TO SEE J. KRISHNAMURTI Totally Absolutely Without Conflict [2_4].mp4

The Original Double Slit Experiment.mp4

The President Who Told The Truth - John F. Kennedy - Interview Speech - (US President).mp4

The Quantum Indians.mp4

The Revenge of the FALLEN...Angels- the invasion may well have begun-.mp4

THE SAGAN SERIES - The Frontier Is Everywhere.mp4

The Science of Collective Consciousness - Roger Nelson.mp4

The Simulation Hypothesis - Documentary 2015.mp4

The Straightest Road to Success - Gary Vaynerchuk.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - Episode 2.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - Episode 3.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - Episode 4.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - Episode 5.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - Episode 6.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - Episode 7.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - Episode 8.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - Episode 9.mp4

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest - The True History of Chemo _ The Pharmaceutical Monopoly.mp4

The Truth about School.mp4

The Truth About The New World Order's Plan Has Been Told On The X-Files TV Show!.mp4

The Truth About Your Birth Certificate.mp4


The Venus Project Introduction Planned Obsolescence, Values, Inefficiency, Automation1.mp4

The Venus Project On Fox News 7.mp4

The Wisdom - Bruce Lee.mp4




TLC - Billion Dollar Secret - Area 51 12_06_99.mp4

Truth in Media Origin of ISIS.mp4

UNITY - Official Trailer.mp4

Van Allen Belts Earth's Song.mp4

Video SparkNotes Aldous Huxley's Brave New World summary.mp4

War Veterans Discard Medals in Rejection of Militarism and War.mp4


Wayne Dyer - The Power of Intention.mp4

We Now Have the Technology to Take ET Home.mp4

What's Wrong With Education in America.mp4

Will Work For Free _ OFFICIAL RELEASE _ 2013.mp4

Words of Wisdom from an Unexpected Citizen.mp4

You're It - Alan Watts.mp4

Zahi Hawass Storms out of Debate with Graham Hancock before it Begins.mp4

Warning: Do not even bother going beyond here unless you’ve learned to tame your Ego, Cognitive Dissonance and your Latent Inhibition…

14th October 2008 UFO first contact Federation of light message Blossom Goodchild.mp4
2014 Spiritual Awakening. Pleiadian Message. Wake Up!.mp4
A message to the awakened ones.mp4
Admiral Richard E Byrd - Hollow Earth Video Interview.mp4
Alien Contact - The Message (You have to see it for yourself).mp4
Alien from Andromeda: Alien Message UFO Disclosure Real Proof: Project Camelot Awake and Aware.mp4
Alien on Moon _ Proof of Apollo 11 Cover-Up.mp4
Alien Races and Civilizations which have visited Earth.mp4
Annunaki Don´t Watch This Film - Extraterrestrial Origin - Sirius Documentary - Sirius - Documented.mp4
Ashtar January-04-2015 Galactic Federation of Light.mp4
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter.mp4
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell - UFO's We Are Not Alone.mp4
Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs.mp4
Bizarre Alien ad-Full Version-BBC Worldwide.flv.mp4
Bohemian Grove - Alex Jones.mp4
Citizen Hearing On Disclosure Session 1.mp4
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure TWEET STORM DVD TRAILER.mp4
Dr. Harold Puthoff on Remote Viewing.mp4
Dr. Jill Tarter - Searching for ET An Investment in Our Long Future.mp4
Hollow Earth Hohle Erde 2_5 This video will blow your mind.mp4
hollow earth strange photos.mp4
Hollow Earth Theory 3D HD Version.mp4
Hollow Earth True HISTORY , HITLER _ NWO ( GOTTA SEE THIS !!! ) Documentary.mp4
If You Dont Believe Watch This- Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011.mp4
OBAMA'S ALIEN SECRET SERVICE spotted at 2012 AIPAC Conference!! 3 angles (HD).mp4
On Extraterrestrials.mp4
PLEIADIAN MESSAGE for April 2015 Calling all Starseeds! NOW is the time!.mp4
Pleiadian Starseeds Are You One _ 16 Pleiadian Traits and Characteristics.mp4
Pleiadians and the Reptilians.mp4
TIMOTHY GOOD ~ Secrets of UFO Existence [Age Of TruthTV] [HD].mp4
UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE May 2013 by Canadian Defense Minister.mp4
UFO Contact - Former Canadian Defence Minister - Disclosure 2013.mp4
UFO Disclosure - Press Conference - Washington, DC.mp4
UFO News - Meet MUFON's New Executive Director Jan Harzan.mp4
UFO SECRET The Stanton Friedman Story - HD FEATURE.mp4
UFO_ET Warning Nick Pope on News.mp4
UFO-Cliff Stone _ Robert Dean.mp4
UFOs - Brian OLeary.mp4
USAF Colonel Richard French on the Reality of UFOs.mp4
Wake up Call For The Family of Light (TRIGGER) ~Starseeds Awaken~.mp4
White House Covering up Galactic Federation of Light -Fmr Sen Mike Gravel speaks out.mp4


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