20 May 2015

The Architect of Ten

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Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (born c. 80–70 BC, died after c. 15 BC)
"Consistency is found in that work whose whole and detail are suitable to the occasion. It arises from circumstance, custom, and nature."

A story about the journey through Life among One from the Ten, who stumbled through a Broken System of Design that was failing his people under the constant pressure of ignorance threaded by their care givers: the Ninety.

25 May 2015

Embracing The 'Fool' In Life

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The Fool - by: Pamela Coleman Smith

Fools are but eyes of truth set upon a world filled with skeptic's, doubt and ignorance.
(Picture By: Pamela Coleman Smith)

18 May 2015

Humilities Ego

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After a weekend in Nature...tired, my mind races to catch feelings coursing through me, nothing super special, just honest one's I'd like to share...

08 May 2015

Paradise of Love

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(Picture By: Nigel Pereira)

The following is reproduced from my 1991 Self-Published High School Project entitled: An Anthology Of Poems. (I've made a few small edits from the original)…

02 May 2015

Awakening A Phenomenon

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The Great Story of Mother Earth’s rescue from the clutches of the few who chose to abuse their powers bestowed from View, onto them, an understanding, from the Pasts of Unknown.

28 Apr 2015

For Unity, I Stand

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To be,
or not to be,
that is the impossible.
Two sum,
not I,
it walks along,
the duality,
only a playground,
open to imagination,
it’s Form,
the walls,
each from hardships,
molds of misfortune,
sculpted around humanity,
stuck it holds,
the sands of certain.
To dream,
to open,
of source,
oh the possibilities that battle in lie,
our one,
a beacon,
painted along colorless light,
piercing new wholes,


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