08 Jun 2015

The Tools of Debugging: From My Old School Records

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It was roughly a year later after my first IT related article for the Visual Basic’s Programmer Journal that I decided to bring my real time debugging design to the ‘hard core’ world of C/C++. I wrote a new design and had it published in another major magazine of the times: Microsoft Systems Journal (now known as the MSDN Magazine). Even in this world, the core principles, in all their complexity, those foundations essential to debugging issues, were being ignored by a vast majority in the application industry, so I set out to help with that and try to make thing’s easier for everyone.

25 May 2015

Embracing The 'Fool' In Life

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The Fool - by: Pamela Coleman Smith

Fools are but eyes of truth set upon a world filled with skeptic's, doubt and ignorance.
(Picture By: Pamela Coleman Smith)

21 May 2015

The Importance Of Discovering Your Gift In Life

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VBPJ Front Page

This was a big moment in my professional life, it was the first time I was ready to stand up to the 'world' with my knowledge and expertise in the Computer Science field. Keep in mind, for me, at this stage in my life, having struggled immensely in the 'normal' educational System of Design, this was the Shazam moment! I had no University degree, only high school education and the crazy wits about me.

04 May 2015

Letters to SETI: My Opening Introduction

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To anyone participating in this global effort that we've all embarked on: if you have a way or know of a way to get this website, this letter in front of the person(s) I've written to, please do so...As always, one should only ever take a legal and peaceful path in doing any type of action that requires getting someone to look at something in a different light.

02 May 2015

Awakening A Phenomenon

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The Great Story of Mother Earth’s rescue from the clutches of the few who chose to abuse their powers bestowed from View, onto them, an understanding, from the Pasts of Unknown.

28 Apr 2015

A New Journey To Making Contact

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The path to understanding takes time and knowledge. To start, a means to follow, in following you’ll begin to understand the change, a need for the sake all of humanity.


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